My Favorite Sale

I want to tell the story of my favorite sale.

It happened today.

I was sitting in the shop, reading a book and enjoying just being there.  It was a beautiful day so I left the door open to get a breeze.  Instead, I got two young children.  The boy was about six or seven and the girl may have been a year or two older.  Like with any adult customer, I greeted them and then let them do their thing.  The little boy immediately sat on the floor next to the shelves and started looking at things.  He kept turning them over and reading the prices to the girl who was also looking at things.  After about four or five minutes of this, I asked if they were looking for anything special.  To which they replied yes.  I asked if it was for their mom and the reply was that it was for “like a mom”.  They were totally sweet and adorable.  I asked how much they had to spend and it was a mere $3.  I do have a few things in the shop for that price, but not much and when I saw the looks on their faces, I knew that those things wouldn’t do.  They wanted something special.  I had seen them look at a few candle holders that were each $6.95, so I asked them whether they thought this person would like one of them.  Of course they replied yes, so I told them to pick one of them and I would give it to them for their $3.  They looked so happy as I wrote up the receipt and then wrapped the white lantern style candle holder in bubble wrap.  The bills came across crumbled in balls and then the change was mostly nickels and dimes, but seeing them look so happy was worth it.  I asked them, while I was wrapping it, whether it was her birthday and they said no.  The little boy then said it was “just because” and it was then that I knew this would be the sale that stays with me forever.