Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Everyone!

It seems I’ve done a bit of a vanishing act this holiday season and it’s only partly due to holiday cheer.  I just received my laptop back from repair this morning after going without it for two weeks.  I was in the middle of updating my website when suddenly my computer decided it had had enough and the screen went blank.  I’m back online now though and planning big things for the new year. 

The first event of the new year is my New Year’s Sale which will run from midnight on December 30 through midnight on January 1.  Every item is elligible for a 28% discount to celebrate 2008.  To receive the discount customers only need to enter the coupon code “NEWYR”  at checkout. 


I hope everyone had a good holiday and starts the new year off with only happiness.


Holiday Cheer

I wanted to share a quick note about one of the bracelets I made at the show last weekend.  I don’t usually go in for holiday jewelry, but this one just needed to be made.  It’s adorable and would make the perfect Christmas gift.  It’s not too over the top, crazy Christmas jewelry so is perfect for even your most casual person on your list.  I hope you enjoy it.

Christmas Bracelet

This bracelet features Sterling Silver charms, garnet quartz dangles and a Swarovski crystal heart toggle clasp. 

Post-Show Thanks

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all the new people I met this weekend at the Hope Holiday Craft Market.  Everyone was very friendly and a pleasure to work with.  Thank you also to all the new customers who stopped by the table.  It was great to meet you all and get to talk to each of you.  I also want to commend everyone who came out today eventhough the weather was so horrible.  I hope it managed to at least get you in the holiday spirit with all that snow!

Thanks again!