Holiday Craft Market in Hope, NJ

I wanted to make a quick mention of an upcoming event where I will be setting up shop. 

This weekend, December 1-2, I will be joining many other talented crafters at the local craft market that is held every year at the Hope Firehouse in the town center.  The market will run from 10-5 both days and is sure to be a success again this year.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to see the local crafts and to do a little holiday shopping.  If you’re in the area, please come on by. 

If you do make it to the market, mention you saw this post and I’ll take $5 off any purchase over $30. 



Holiday Savings at Nanuk’s Igloo Custom Jewelry

As a thank you and as a way to celebrate the grand opening of the new Nanuk’s Igloo Custom Jewelry website, I’m offering a special 10% discount for the holidays.  Just enter the coupon code HOLIDAY at checkout to receive your discount. 

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this past year such a success!


What’s New!

I’ve been putting a lot of work into the business this week.  Earlier in the week, I decided to upgrade to a Yahoo store site so that’s taking some doing, but I think it’s coming along nicely.  In fact, feel free to check it out at while I work on it.  It’s fully functional right now, but just needs some more items added and to get everything squared away.  The cool part is that I can now do professional email mailings to customers AND can create coupon codes.  Anyone on my mailing list should expect a coupon in the mail within the next couple of weeks for the Winter Sale I have planned.  (Feel free to email me at  to join the mailing list.)

 In addition to that exciting news, I’ve also invested in a lightbox for my pictures.  I decided to go with the EZ Cube because I liked how portable it was.  I know I could’ve made my own, but I fear my creativity extends only to jewelry and not to building things, ha!  The kit showed up yesterday afternoon and I hurried to get it set up so I could try it out.  I’m happy with the results! I only tried it out for about 35 minutes or so last night because I wanted to see what the pictures looked like once they were edited and I couldn’t keep the kit set up since the two resident felines thought the cube would make a great sleeping spot. 

This is the kit set up

An unedited picture

The edited version

And the original version pre-lightbox

The improvement is amazing and that’s just after a small amount of playing.  I can’t wait to have the time to dedicate solely to updating all of my pictures.

 As always, thanks for reading!

I’ve Fallen Behind

Sorry that there hasn’t been any news posted lately.

My husband and I moved from Florida to New Jersey in October while he got ready to start the police academy in Pennsylvania this past weekend.  All jewelry making got put on hold for a little bit, but I’m happy to say that I ordered my first shipment of supplies since the move.  That means I’ll be back in full swing within the week, I hope.  The cooler weather is feeling very inspiring and I don’t know how much longer I can hold back before I just need to create something.  I’ve made a necklace and a matching pair of earrings since the move, but don’t have them scanned just yet. 

 I’m also working on getting a lightbox set up to improve the pictures on my site.  Maybe within the month I’ll have that up and going as well. 

Hard to believe it’s November already.  I don’t know where the last month has gone. 

Happy Fall everyone!