October Birthstones

I decided to do a little research this month on the October birthstones that are out there.  It’s amazing how many different stones there are to represent each month.  October is no different.  I found this wonderful website with an entire list of October birthstones.

One of the stones representative of October is coral.  I never knew this.  I knew, of course, about Topaz since I have many friends and family members who have October birthdays, but I never knew coral was a possibility.  According to the above website, coral is the ancient Hindu birthstone for the October period.  Of course, I did a little more research to make sure that I wasn’t just following one site’s claim and found the information in many more places

After some more searching, I found out that coral is a pretty neat stone.  Living in Florida, I found one bit of information interesting.  According to one site, coral was once viewed as a protection against “bleeding, evil spirits, and hurricanes.”  Hurricanes!  So that’s why we got hit so hard for those few years…  must’ve been a lack of coral in the waters around Florida.  😉 

A couple month’s back I made this necklace with a coral focal bead.  At the time I didn’t know it was nearly as fitting for life in Florida as I do now.  The other beads are red moonstone and white moonstone with silver accents.  This necklace can, of course, be found on my website for purchase.


Thanks again for reading 🙂